Thursday, 21 February 2013

Up-cycling to a 1940's dress

Well the date of 17th March (when all modern clothes are going away) is drawing close. Currently i will be wearing one dress and a slip. However i got my sewing machine back today. I have two dresses cut out on my floor and more patterns arriving every day now. Today my Apron pattern arrived.

So I went into town yesterday to go to the Thrift stores. I bought two sheets for $2 each so i can make the Aprons. Here are the sheets and the pattern...

Cheep Sheets for Fabric and Apron Pattern

I also bought a dress for $2. I am going to cut it up and re-create it. It is a button down the front and not too far off being appropriate for the 40's. Just needs some adjustments.

I got some ribbon to help decorate it. I will cut off the skirt about the middle knee. I will put a trim (caramel) around the neckline to help give it a bit more stability. The trim will go around the sleeves and help make the fabric belt (yes i can't wear that black one :-)

I am going to use the spare fabric from the skirt to make pockets for the front. I will trim the top of these pockets with the ribbon.

Here is my hair after it came out of the curlers this morning, i have the dress on to show what it looks like. I also got a $3 olive green handbag to go with it from the same store. VERY HAPPY.

So I figure that it won't take long to turn this into an appropriate dress. It also will just pass my "handmade" rule as i have to unpick and resew the dress and adding pockets and trims and things.

Anyway best get on with sewing!


Friday, 15 February 2013

1940's Patterns That I Own

1940's Pattern Stash:

Well I thought that I aught to post all the 1940's ish dress patterns that I own. Just so we all know what i'm dealing with.

Some are a little earlier, some a little later, but all mostly 1940's or late 30's. Some of these haven't arrived yet as they have been ordered off Etsy or Ebay or something. I am awaiting patiently, or not so patiently, for them to arrive

Not TOO many yet, but this is only about two weeks into my 1940's project, so I think I am doing very well.

Basically i wanted to try out a whole variety of patterns and styles. Otherwise i won't know what I like and what I don't..

Missing Patterns:

A couple of patterns that i still need are some blouse patterns, skirt patterns,  perhaps another suit pattern, coat/housecoat pattern. Hat patterns. Generally, just more patterns. I think I have enough below to keep me occupied however.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Project 1 - Pink Ribbon Dress


Dress will be the one with ribbons. Dress is pink cotton with a pink ribbon. I am making this as it will still look modern and not too out of place. A "first start".


This dress is a black with small pink flowers. It is very slippery, will hang nice, but a bugger to sew. Silly me... Complicated pattern and i choose difficult fabric too... "baste...baste...baste..."


Here are the fabrics underneath their respective patterns.
My 1940's dresses and their fabrics

Close up of fabrics

Close up of fabric
I'm sure that as i go along i will get more authentic and know what will look good and not. For the moment these are my first projects. Will see how we go.


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Start of the 1940's Vintage Wardrobe Challenge

I have decided to set myself a challenge. The challenge is as follows...

By March 17th, I will have removed all bar 20 items of modern clothes from my wardrobe. From then on, only handmade/vintage 1940's clothing is allowed.

The aim is to have a practical, functional, co-ordinating wardrobe of pretty garments. Hats, gloves, shoes included.

I have much to do and I will post updates later. I hope this blog can be a record of my journey :-)